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add your desirable product(s) to your shopping basket(Cart) and proceed to the checkout page, where your details are required. Please carefully input the right informations when filling the checkout form. You are required to select your preferable payment method and your preferable shipping option.  It’s important to check if all information has been filled in correctly before checking out. 

Your preferable payment method details you selected when checking out will be sent to your email, it might take some few minutes. Once you received an email from our website with the payment details, you are required to make payment and provide us with a feedback to verify your payment was successful.  

If you didn’t receive any email from us OR you need an urgent response. You can contact us via text on (919) 679-2161.

We are going to ship the firearm to your local FFL so that you can show up at that FFL’s location and have the firearm transferred to you. Once you have the transferred firearm in your possession, it is yours to take home.

If you have the address of your local FFL then is required to fill the Shipping address space on the checkout form with your local FFL address and fill in your address on the Billing address space on the checkout form. 

If you don’t have a local FFL address you don’t have to be worried, Just identify on the Note space on the checkout form and we are going to look for a preferable local FFL to ship to. Once your order has been paid for and registration for your package delivery is completed, then we are going to communicate and connect you with the local FFL.

We have a 98% success rate for all delivery. Therefore you are highly guaranteed to receive your order in good sharp. 

We officially initiate a 100% refundable policy on all orders damaged during delivery or in the case of lost or the buyer didn’t receiver his/her product(s).    

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